Alicia Iraclides

I make art pots for plants.


I learned early on that I loved to make things.  I work in leather, metal, and glass, but my favorite medium is clay.  I started off with functional ware - bowls, cups, and plates - but my love for succulents inspired me to make pots for plants.  I found ordinary pots boring, so I began to create unusual, artistic, pots.  Having worked with metal to create jewelry, this was a natural material to add to my planters - copper hand-forged hooks and support accents that add to the elegance and beauty of each pot.


The unlimited creative potential and total malleability of these materials inspire me to continue to create new and exciting forms. 


I hope you love them as much as I love making them.


To purchase my ceramics, please visit my Etsy store or come visit me at an art fair. 


If you'd like to commission an artwork, please contact me.


For those interested, I often post photos of newly-fired work on Instagram and Facebook.


Thank you for visiting!